A year in review: 2018

Started as a side-project back in mid-2017, Teslament had a great 2017 and a good 2018. Reflecting upon our progress, we wanted to be fully transparent about what we could do better.

One of the main issues with this sort of business is inventory, cash flow and knowing when marketing doesn't work. We're still figuring those parts out.

This year, we had 291 orders, from 21 countries. 90% of them were shipped within 3 business days. With only 6 returns, that means that we improved our customer satisfaction to 97%.

This might not be something worth celebrating, but for a small passionate team with little to no advertising, it's something incredible.

Going through a lot of uncertainty in 2018, we managed to grow Teslament's product line from 24 products to over 70. That's definitively something good.

We had endless calls with some of the suppliers, shipping carriers - the fun was when nobody was speaking english and even some of our customers who wanted to get more details about a product. To put this to an end, the goal for 2019 is to make our own, Teslament-branded products. It'll allow us to manage all of the issues listed above.

Worth mentioning that it wasn't a great year for Tesla accessories in general, where more and more people started buying the more affordable Tesla car — the Model 3, which has a cleaner interior and exterior that people don't want to customize it that much. It will be interesting to see what 2019 brings in terms of media generated buzz around Tesla, Elon and their future plans.


Thank you,

the small indie team behind Teslament.

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